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iPhone as console with the Chimps Ahoy game!

Take the first digital version of tennis, the legendary Pong with the two bars on the sides of the screen eternally chasing the ball, and then add in the center bricks and various elements to hit and destroy in pure Brekout style, the video game that Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs realized when they worked at Atari as kids.

The developer Griptonite Games has done much more than take inspiration from two historical video games: the new title Chimps Ahoy! for iPhone and iPod touch a successful blend of action, pure involvement from the first moment, and finally extremely accurate graphics and audio. The end result is a game that can offer numerous minutes of good healthy fun, as well as showing the incredible predisposition of the Apple pocket for gaming.

Holding the iPhone or iPod touch horizontally, the player controls two small monkeys directly with the two thumbs on the screen. The monkeys that can be customized for sex, clothes and other physical characteristics work as buffers for the ball which, across the screen, meets bricks, treasures, coins and an infinite number of other disparate objects including an ancient galleon equipped with a cannon that I will seek to eliminate the nice little animals.

In the first levels, the player called to practice control: immediately having a lot of fun, you learn to control the two monkeys to prevent the ball from coming out of the screen and at the same time synchronizing the monkeys to center the targets in the center. In the following screens we are already ready to challenge more hostile enemies, more complex brick structures that are difficult to knock down with a ball, sometimes even more, that moves quickly. The cured graphics, the successful audio effects, but also the music in stiletropicale that accompanies us in the various levels, do the rest.

The free version of Chimps Ahoy! it can be downloaded from this direct link with the App Store: the installation of the free demo practically mandatory for all iPhone and touch users. The full version offers 100 game levels with unlockable accessories and rewards for 3.99 euros, an incredibly low price for having a video game that would not disfigure among the titles of a latest generation portable console.