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iPhone 12 with support for Wi-Fi 802.11ay at 60GHz in the latest rumors

The latest rumors about upcoming iPhone 12 shared by the portal MacOtakara they let us understand that Apple is interested in further improving the short-range connectivity of its upcoming smartphones.

Current models make use of the chip U1 to enhance their ability to identify the position in space of the other iPhones (as long as they own an iPhone 11 or one of the two Pros) to improve data transmission while using AirDrop, but it seems that 2020 models will go further.

It seems that the iPhone 12 family will be equipped with support for Wi-Fi 802.11ay standard at 60GHz, which is still in the definition phase. According to rumors, the standard will be operational before the end of the year and the next Apple smartphones will be able to use it for speed up data exchange over short distances: we are talking about a range comparable to that of bluetooth. It is unclear how much this could improve the transmission speed.

It also seems that this technology could also be supported by other Apple accessories (perhaps the next generation of Apple Watch?). While we wait to find out more, we report that MacOtakara once again mentions AirTags, also recently mentioned by Ming-Chi Kuo, indicating how they can take advantage of an induction charging system very similar to that of Apple Watch.