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IEEE 802.11g delayed due to 9/11 events.

IEEE 802.11g delayed due to 9/11 events. logomacitynet1200wide 1

While almost passed over in silence (by Apple) that the AirPort cards on sale for a few weeks (at least, in the US, in these parts we await confirmations) now support 128-bit encryption, while Apple's Base Stations remain still stuck to 40-bit encryption, the news about a possible further evolution thickens. The long-awaited evolution, often debated also on these pages, could be that of the adoption of a standard "cousin" next to the current IEEE 802.11b that still needs to be defined and chosen, version "a" or version "g" of the IEEE 802.11. The body able to ratify these certifications has registered a deadlock due to the recent terrorist attack in Washington, in fact there should have been a meeting of the IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers shortly, to approve the IEEE 802.11g system called OFDM – Intersil's Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, but having skipped it, it is necessary to look at the one scheduled in Texas for November.In the meantime, it seems that the AirPort Base Stations are also being renewed (and not only externally, most likely reducing the current rather large size) ): a user waiting for a Base Station learned from Apple that "due to a renewal of the 40-bit AirPort Base Stations, the new models will be shipped in September even to those who were waiting for the current model".



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