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IBM, stop AMD

IBM, stop at AMD logomacitynet1200wide 1

Bad blow to AMD's image. Intel's biggest competitor in recent days has had to cash in on IBM's abandonment of computer production with its processors. Big Blue has announced that it has discontinued the line of consumer-grade CPUs that used Sunnyvale's chips on the American market. The blow to the image, we said, was not insignificant. AMD and the entire trade press had made the decision by IBM to use Athlon processors as a sort of legitimation for AMD as Intel's official and credible contender. Until last September, IBM had only used Intel processors in its consumer and office machines, desktops and laptops. IBM justified its decision with the need to simplify its production lines, at least on the American market. For now IBM computers with AMD processors will continue to be marketed in other markets, such as the Candadese and Asiatic ones

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