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IBM points to Motorola's PPC sector?

IBM points to Motorola's PPC sector? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Piche Apple, would be IBM and AMD the two main interlocutors of Motorola, if it decides to sell its PPC sector. This is the thesis of Cary Snyder, an analyst of Microprocessor Report, a company specialized in the analysis of market phenomena inherent in semiconductors. According to Snider, IBM could be the ideal reference if Motorola decides to sell the entire chip sector. The company from Schaumburg and Big Blue, which use numerous common technologies such as PPC, Rapid I / O, SOI, may even have already reached general agreements, on the contrary if Motorola simply thought of selling the plants for the production of the processors it could be AMD the number one candidate. There has long been an agreement between Motorola and Intel's main competitor for an exchange of technologies, but not only: Motorola has a stake in the Dresden plant from where the AMD processors come out. A third hypothesis could be that of the separation of the processor business and, without giving the sector over to others, launch a public purchase offer making it independent. Finally, as regards Apple, the most concrete hypotheses could be the purchase of some Motorola technologies or the participation in a consortium that decided to buy the sector. Its cost, estimated at about 9 billion dollars, 20,000 billion lire, appears too high for Apple and its diversification (chips are produced for network systems, wireless systems and PDAs as well as PPC processors) dispersed for the interests of Cupertino.

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