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How to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 as a mobile hotspot

If you are in places where there is no WiFi network to connect to with a device and you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, the new device from the Korean house, the best solution to connect to the internet, exploiting its potential as a mobile hotspot. If you have enough battery and data plan, then here's how to turn your GS5 into a hotspot for use with computers or other devices.

How to turn the Samsung Galaxy S5 into a wireless hotspot

  • Swipe down from the Galaxy S5 home screen to enter the Notifications,
  • click on the Settings icon at the top right,
  • you will find Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot, click on this option to select it,
  • in the next menu, click on Mobile hotspot,
  • with the toggle turn it on by setting it to On,
  • click OK on the screen, now the WiFi of the device will be turned off,
  • follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen to connect another device to the Galaxy S5.

How to change password and security type for wireless hotspot on Galaxy S5

By default, your Samsung Galaxy S5 adds a password to the mobile hotspot function, by activating the WPA2 security key by default. If you want to change one of these settings, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Scroll down from the Galaxy S5 home screen and turn on Notifications,
  • click on the Settings icon at the top right,
  • now click on Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot and choose Mobile Hotspot,
  • click on the three points at the top right to view more options, select configure,
  • in this screen you can change the password or any other setting including the type of protection, once the settings are complete click on Save.

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