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How to try the new Facebook interface [guida e download apk]

As you probably know wellFacebook interface is progressively changing by introducing a new design that will peep in the coming weeks on all Android devices. If you want to use this new interface immediately, today we offer you a method to have it already active on your smartphones.

The new interface currently available for all those who join the "alpha" project, therefore in order to use this new graphic you should subscribe to this channel directly to this link. You will have to subscribe to the testing program on Google Play and download the Google Play update.

Now delete the application data from the Settings-app-Facebook, open it and re-login, if you do not see it appear immediately you will have to delete the application data and log in again. For those who do not want to enroll in the alpha program and only want to test the new interface, they can download the apk to download, even if they will not be able to receive updates of the application since they are only intended for those who enroll in the alpha section.

Now you can preview the new Facebook user interface, which should be made available in its final version over the next few months for all Android devices supported by the current Facebook application.

Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.