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How to sync iTunes music with Android smartphones

Access to music today is facilitated by the spread of mobile devices and by specific media players that allow synchronization. iTunes, the application developed by Apple for the online purchase of multimedia content (songs, videos and films), allows you to synchronize music files on the various iDevices. But not only. With this guide, in fact, we will see such as sync iTunes music with Android smartphones.

Premise: two procedures are available to carry out this question.

The first is all about the manual passage of files from iTunes into a folder created on your PC. To synchronize iTunes music with Android smartphones, simply use the USB cable to connect the mobile device to the multimedia station in use. After that, just copy and paste the music of your choice into the Music folder. This procedure, being manual, within everyone's reach and does not require third-party apps or software.

The second procedure on such as sync iTunes music with Android smartphones it all revolves around the use of doubleTwist, a freeware software of just over 21 MB, whose compatibility limited only to Windows OS and Mac, as well as for Android devices equipped with USB Mass Storage. The operating logic of this resource rotates on the transfer of music tracks within the Music folder of the Android device. Ergo, at the end of the passage, the moved music pieces will be stored in the SD Card of the Android smartphone or tablet.

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<p>Download <b>doubleTwist</b> and the subsequent installation on a PC with Windows OS or Mac. Then connect the Android smartphone to the multimedia station in use, always via USB cable, just start DoubleTwist and select the mode <b>USB Mass Storage</b> mobile device.</p>
<p>The sidecar on the left side of the PC screen will signal recognition of the mobile device with the comparison of the item <b>Devices</b>. By clicking on it. It will be possible to view all its information.</p>
<p>To complete the transfer of the entire music library to the smartphone with the Google operating system, it will be sufficient to first flag the item <b>All Music</b> from Tab <b>General</b> of the software and then select the item <b>Sync</b>, located at the bottom right.</p>
<p>And who instead wants to transfer only some playlists on his terminal? The path to follow with doubleTwist sar <b>Playlist Setup</b> > <b>Import</b> > <b>Music</b>, i.e. the tab containing all the information of the Android device. Once the voice has been flagged <b>Sync music to my device</b>, you will first have to select <b>Only the selected</b> and then proceed to the passage of the playlist of your choice on the Android smartphone, by pressing the button <b>Sync</b> located at the bottom right. If you haven't created a playlist yet, instead of selecting the item <b>Import</b>, you will have to create a new one by pressing the button <b>Create New Playlist</b>.</p>
<p>Let's finish the guide on <b>such as</b> <b>sync iTunes music with Android smartphones</b>, limiting ourselves to the individual songs. For the baster transfer select the item <b>Music</b> from <b>Library</b> and then the reference music tracks. The drag & drop method, i.e. mouse drag, on the name of the Android smartphone, will be the last step of this guide.</p>
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