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How to replace the LG Nexus 5 battery [video]

There smartphone repair over the years it has become an increasingly complex and specialized thing, given the increasingly complex solutions that manufacturers find to assemble their devices. These procedures should therefore be carried out by expert people, having said that we see a very interesting video that shows us how to do it battery replacement on LG Nexus 5 in just 6 minutes.

We still remember that these procedures must be carried out by those who have minimal knowledge of the world hardware of smartphones, in order to avoid irreparably breaking the device or opening it invalidating the warranty and failing to repair it. The fact is that replacing the battery on LG Nexus 5 really simple, and just follow the images that are shown in the video to succeed in this.

If you have the right tools to do this then watch what is indicated in the video:

We remind everyone that if you have to carry out a similar operation on a device still covered by the guarantee, it is always better to ask for the official assistance of the Play Store, obviously it will be a less rapid intervention than this but the final result is certainly more certain and safe. For those who want to go into do-it-yourself procedures like this, remember that i spare parts they can be purchased online on various services, including eBay, with prices ranging from $ 35 to $ 50.

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