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How to have an Android-style clock widget on iPhone


Guide to having an Android-style Flip Clock widget also in the iPhone notification center

As we have repeatedly said, Android is an operating system widely customizable by the user. In a few steps, in fact, it is possible to change the theme, launcher, default applications, fonts and much more.

iOS an operating system certainly very fast, streamlined, fluid, light and well optimized, but, without jailbreak, not absolutely customizable.

For all users who have jailbroken their iPhone and want to customize their smartphone, here you are Flip Clock Widget, a beautiful Android-style clock widget available for anyone with a jailbroken iPhone. The widget, as you can see, is positioned directly in the notification center of your smartphone and adds a fantastic, very nice and detailed clock.

Nothing too complex or exciting, but certainly a nice change that allows you to customize your iPhone and make it slightly more similar to the Android operating system.

The widget is also highly customizable: you can choose the time or date format, as well as you can customize the color of the letters.

Note, then, that this widget works natively with the iPhone notification center, but, if you have programs like Dashboard X or similar, you can safely use it as a widget also in the system pages of your iPhone. Spectacular!

Flip Clock Widget a really nice and well made program for your iOS smartphones: nice, elegant, simple and customizable.

You will also have many settings available to adapt it to your tastes and needs. Here is the complete list of settings that you can customize on Flip Clock Widget:

  • Show Day and Date: If you just want to use Flip Clock to view the time, toggle off the first option in its settings. This toggle adds a small day and date display bar just below the time. The interface of both these components is pretty similar, and gives the widget a really sleek look.
  • Red Seconds: The seconds display of Flip Clock can be configured to show up in red, or you can choose to keep it white like the hours and minutes.
  • Bounce Effect: Whenever a digit changes in any field of the widget, you can make the card bounce a little to add a realistic touch.
  • Red Sundays: Everyone loves having a day off, so why not give Sundays some special treatment and view the time all in red on that day? If you dont like that, just keep the toggle off.
  • Glass Effect: This effect gives the digits a glossy look. There are three intensity levels of the shine, including strong, light and zero.

If you are interested, you can purchase Flip Clock Widget in the BigBoss repo directly from the Cydia Store for the price of $ 1. It is compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6. To try, really very nice!

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