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Holofication Nation: the official app arrives in the Google Play Store

The developer team came together under the name ofHolofication Nationfrom the community of XDA Developers, go back to talk about s and the project which intends to make up for graphic interfaces not made in style Android, perhaps, it happens most of the time, migrated from iOS to the Mountain View OS without even making a minimum graphic correction, and the cases are particularly evident, in the disparity of development commitment, in all the applications belonging, for example , to Facebook, including social, but the titles to be mentioned would be many.

After the first hints, with the creation of various titles known in style Holo, we cite for example Instagram, Holofication Nation has decided to launch on Google Play Store its own official application, to make it easier for interested users to monitor news as well as download applications, without going through XDA and manually downloading the apk of the affected apps. As expected, the app of Holofication Nation fully respects the ideal of Android style, in particular Holo, resulting a perfect emblem of that graphic concept that would be understood by the developers of some important titles, when passing on the platform leaders in the smartphone landscape, such as i data testify.

The Holofication Nation application available for free within the Google Play Store at the following link:

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