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Here's Robotcar, the car you drive with your iPad


Robotcar, the car driven by the iPad

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Google's car won't be the only one capable of driving without a driver.

As you can see in this article, in fact, other engineers are also working to create cars that can be driven without the presence of a natural person inside the passenger compartment.

The car that Google is developing can drive completely autonomously, without anyone having to take the controls, while this Robotcar has been created so that any person can drive it via an iPad.

Let's see all the details.

The Robotcar is a very normal car, modified ad hoc by a group of guys who have allowed the car being controlled remotely via an iPad. It will be almost like playing Need For Speed ??via the iPad, with the difference, however, that the user will go to check their car while it runs quietly on the street.

The Robotcar project, carried out within Oxford University, involves the use of a webcam, some lasers, a computer and an iPad to remotely control the machine. According to the first information, this kit can be installed on any car at a cost of only 100. Yes, you understand correctly: when this technology is ready, its creators will sell it for just over 100. Fantastic!

But how does it all work?

The lasers allow you to understand the surrounding environment and are helped by the webcam to carry out the mapping of the direction. All of this can be managed using a liPad which converses with the computer placed in the trunk for data processing.

Robotcar can work on all types of cars and provides automatic driving only in areas most frequented by the motorist. This is because, passing frequently, the system has the possibility of carrying out a more detailed mapping.

At the moment the prototype costs 5000, around 5800, but the researchers want to cut costs to sell the whole thing to 100, about 115.

Here is a video of the project. What do you think? Isn't all this spectacular?


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