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Here is the Android Wear launcher that can also be installed on smartphones

We have seen in recent days the presentation by Google of the new Android Wear project, the operating system dedicated to the world of wearable devices. Waiting to see it at work on the first smartwatches that will arrive in the coming months, we can see the Android Wear launcher which can also be installed on Android smartphones.

We immediately specify that this is not a complete launcher for smartphones, but only a small taste of what you can see in a few months on the wearable devices that will use Android Wear. We will therefore go to see theAPK installable on all devices with Android 4.3 or higher versions, the same for it could also work on previous versions.

The launcher takes advantage of the mode Immersive mode by KitKat and Android Wear could also take advantage of this distribution, and uses new options with swype to the right or left when we receive a notification. The launcher in beta and many of the features you will find very simplified or even not working, but obviously it is a pre-release and a use of the same not on a native device.

If you still want to try it, you can do it for free by downloading the appropriate one APK file to install the launcher directly from this link.

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