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Habitizer Women’s Edition: the coach to improve habits and styles of …

Maintaining a good state of fitness by finding the right physical and mental well-being one of the basic concepts of health, yet despite the technological evolution it should help us to improve the lifestyle, the latter too often subject to frenetic rhythms leading to weight imbalances for metabolic factors, psychological nervousness for little sleep, all losing sight of the healthy habits that in reality the app we want to present to you will help us reconcile, we are obviously talking aboutHabitizer Womens Edition.

The application is part of a wider concept that transforms smartphones and tablets into the perfect daily assistants of their activities dedicated to women, developed starting from Habitizer. Habit Organizer conceived for all lifestyles and also for men, offering itself as one of the most interesting solutions in the sector to combine hobbies, work and various activities with an interface capable of being clear and direct, and a series of features that will allow you to monitor progress and evaluate your progress also statistically.

Functions and Utilities:

The offer integrated into the application is as rich and well-structured as possible:

  • Complete and varied list of habits
  • Possibility to modify pre-existing habits or to add new ones
  • Method of selecting the suggested habits based on personal inclinations
  • Integrated reminders and daily trend notifications
  • Archive results with habits achieved and failed
  • Detailed statistics
  • Support area with instructions for use
  • Habit export / import mechanism
  • Habits widget with customization of colors and transparencies

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The solution designed by the software house Applied Systems Ltdit is well studied managing to harmonize a simple interface, but well cared for in details without distracting the user too much from the objectives, with the wide functionality arranged and organized in an orderly and clean way, managing to be quite intuitive despite the complexity of the service offered.

Once the application is started, you will be redirected to the reference page after being able to follow the procedure for selecting habits based on your personal inclinations, by filling out a short questionnaire that will provide you with suggestions suitable for your current lifestyle, or use the complete list of habits selecting them in detail and adding or modifying others to your liking. Once the various parameters have been selected, you can set the monitoring periods of your trends, which vary for each individual habit set, always having access to it in the special screen called "My Habits".

The simplicity of use is expressed in the side scrolling menu from which you will have access to the main items such as the general archive, the list of habits set, the statistics, the information support area and the settings, the latter useful for setting notifications as well as for the choice of theme as there are 3 variations between black and white.


Despite the completeness of the functions and the presence of daily notifications, the application proves to be really well done managing to act as an invisible assistant that appears only in times of need, with an almost non-existent impact on the device.

Habitizer Womens Edition boasts excellent performance over the days of use, both in terms of system fluidity and autonomy, the latter facilitated by a structure that does not require particular resources and the themes that will allow you, based on the type of device display, to play between the black and white screen, being able to reduce consumption on lighting.


Changing habits and easy lifestyles is no longer a business withHabitizer Womens Edition.

The application available on the Google Play Store at a price of 0.86, a very paltry cost if you consider the benefits that the app can bring to your lifestyle both in the short and long term, improving you in many ways.

If you are looking for a system that can help you change your lifestyle and habit, the following application is one of the most interesting opportunities to transform your device into the best support you have ever seen.

Here are the links to Google Play Store for Habitizer Womens Edition and for the Habitizer homologated application. Habit Organizer, the latter available for free and addressed to general users who want to change generic habits without going into too much detail:

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