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Google removes around 600 apps from the Play Store for ad fraud and invasive ads

Google Play Store it hosts a much higher number of apps than its iOS counterpart. Motivation should be sought above all in sending process of Apple's apps, which is decidedly more ?rigorous? than that established by BigG.

google play store app removed

Due to Google's "light" policies, the Play Store chock full of secondary apps, many of which are unsafe or unwelcome. In an attempt to clean up the Play Store, Google continues to remove apps that violate its policies or can cause annoyance of any kind.

In April last year, it appeared that several popular apps on the Play Store were abusing authorizations and committing advertising fraud: among these, applications by publishers such as DO Global is Cheetah Mobile. Google has removed these apps from the Play Store and has banned DO Global. However, the ban doesn't seem to have had much effect on Cheetah Mobile.

For this reason, according to what reported by BuzzFeed News, Google has removed about 600 apps from the Play Store and banned its developers for ad fraud and invasive ads. Not surprisingly, the notorious Cheetah Mobile is among the developers affected by the "ban".

After seeing the failure of the "soft" line, this time the Mountain View giant decided to remove all the Cheetah Mobile apps from the platform. In a statement released to the press, For Bjorke, Google's senior product manager for the quality of advertising traffic, he specified that the removed apps – installed more than 4.5 billion times, ed – mainly targeted English speaking users and mainly came from developers based in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Bjorke didn't mention specific apps or developers, but said many of the banned apps were utilities or games.

Source XDA