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Google removes 600 apps from Google Play for intrusive advertising

The Google Play Store is a rather open platform and although it can be a good showcase for users and app developers, in some cases they can become a nest of malware or hateful advertisements. For this, the giant has announced that it has removed almost 600 apps from the Play Store, as well as having banned them from its monetization platforms, due to repeated violations of Google's ad policy. Unfortunately, these apps have already been installed over 4.5 billion times.

This was reported by the editorial staff of BuzzFeed News, which recalls how perGoogle the prohibited ads are those that interfere with the usability of the device or are displayed when the user does not actively use the app. For example, an app may run a full-screen ad when a user unlocks the phone to make a call.

Android Malware

Google claims to have used a new machine learning algorithm to detect when apps violate the ad policies.

In this way, Google first identifies the applications that violate the rules, and then checks even if the developer is a repeat offender, by application a gradually stronger reaction. For example, Cheetah Mobile – which had previously been admonished – was banned from the Play Store and all of its apps have been removed.

certainly encouraging to see how Google is making these efforts to improve the Play Store experience. It is hoped that this new machine learning strategy will help block malicious apps before millions of users can install them.

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