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Go, Goat, go! How high will you be able to send …

Go, Goat, go! an exciting game available on Google Play!

This game, of a simplicity out of the ordinary, just one of those titles that have the most fun.

The aim is very simple: you will have on your display a goat that jumps continuously and your task will be to move the device left and right to take the clods of soil. The more skilled you are, the higher you will go up and the more points you will make. If you fall into the void you will fall and lose all the accumulated points.

To make your life difficult there will be animals, such as the spider or the vulture, that will block your passage, so you must be careful not to hit them while continuing on your way. The eagle or other objects will come to your aid that will make you go a bit faster, obviously if you can catch them.

There will also be a small shop inside the game, in which you can buy extra lives and many other power ups that will help you in the climb.

We highly recommend this title to everyonesince a game you won't get tired of very easily. Another plus: free!

Here is the download box via Google Play Store, but first a short video.

(yframe url = ?http: // v = FZShkTJXUm0 ?)

(App) com.bestcoolfungamesfreegamecreation.gogogoat (/ app)

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