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Galaxy S5: the wallpaper available for download for all devices …

We have seen in the week that the presentation of the new smartphone is about to end Samsung Galaxy S5, the first top of the range Android device to hit the market. Among the many new features contained in this device, a new background certainly could not be missing, which has now become a sort of race between Android manufacturers and which serves to distinguish the device. It happens that on the net a sort of hunt is unleashed against this background to be able to use it on your device, and today we are going to offer you just this, the Galaxy S5 wallpaper reproduced in several versions.

The member made this background deviantART Shimmi1, who produced it on the basis of a large variety of leaked images and videos, building this background from scratch piece by piece, vector by vector. The work is rather surprising, and waiting for the official packages to arrive from the device (it will still take some time) this really good reproduction. The Galaxy S5 wallpaper available in four versions, in fact, it was made with different color bases, in order to give users a further possibility of choice based on their tastes, or colors used on the devices.

The wallpapers are already optimized for their use on Android devices, the links for the download you can find them directly below:

samsung_galaxy_s5_wallpaper_blue "src =" "width =" 670 "height =" 1191 "/></p>
<p style=Downloadhere

samsung_galaxy_s5_wallpapers_var3 "src =" "width =" 672 "height =" 1188 "/></p>
<p style=Downloadhere

samsung_galaxy_s5_wallpaper_color "src =" "width =" 670 "height =" 1191 "/></p>
<p style=Downloadhere

samsung_galaxy_s5_wallpapers_var1 "src =" "width =" 672 "height =" 1188 "/></p>
<p style=Downloadhere

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