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Facebook: the new update introduces the posts offline

Recent market data from Facebook is Facebook Messenger, whose trends are particularly diversified by pushing the development team to abolish chat from the native application to push the specific app, they identified one of the problems on which even Google, in view of the use of the services he understood, much from think of taking over to the various mobile operators, that is the structural lack of good connections Wifi than in 3G often create voids.

In this context Facebook has therefore decided to update the application, as well as to solve a whole series of bugs and to increase performance with superior stability and navigation speed, introducing a particularly important function, especially for those who are often on the road and are continually facing network dips or total absence of connection, such as i offline post, a way to not lose your posts written or being sent, saving them for later synchronization as soon as a network access is available.

Facebook thus aims to perfect the use of content and user experience, an aspect that will be particularly useful for increasing the use of themobile app, whose market data as mentioned are growing and very satisfactory. To update the app you can go directly to Google Play Store, since this novelty is being distributed.

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