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Facebook: the Android interface update is coming soon

The recent developments of the applications belonging to the team of Facebook, we speak not only of the app related to the social network but also those for Instagram and the recent one Paper, the latter not even published on the Google Play Store, certainly did not take into account Android users with a very backward evolution compared to what was done for iOS, currently the platform preferred by the development team.

Despite this, the weight that Android has not been forgotten in the mobile market and for this reason that soon we should be able to obtain a new update with which the first changes of the graphic interface will begin to manifest, with a modern style close to that visible for iOS but not entirely, attempting a first diversification of graphic architecture. The Facebook version concerned the beta7., as visible from the first screenshots, in addition to a minimal style, it will also try to improve the on-screen distribution of the access contents.


Currently it is possible to notice the reconstruction of the upper icon panel, which reduces the screen centrally to display the contents, also in the lower area the menu for quick actions appears with a transparency not particularly marked but equally present which attempts to approach the current style for iOS. This is a partial development but which represents a first approach by Facebook to Android users who contribute significantly to internal data traffic.

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