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Facebook: official release of the new graphical interface

Although it has been talked about for some time, the new interface of Facebook, with style flat and more modern, which replaces the previous one by sending a signal to Twitter, who recently updated its application by trying to improve its appeal, concluding, in fact, the problems encountered by the various users who had differently and in timing, and also had not received the update through the Alpha and Beta programs.

The new graphical interfaceto Facebook looks like we revealed it through i first screens emerged from the program Beta test, although the same application within the Play Store has published, at the same time as the progressive update phase, demonstration screens of what awaits us, revealing many more details than had been seen with the latest rumors. The update of the new UI will take place, as always and if you have not followed the our guide to get it in advance, very slowly and without any particular notices through the Play Storetherefore, you should not be alarmed if, when looking for news, there are no scheduled updates.

The Facebook update follows, within the scope Android, the recent new interface also provided to Instagram, revealing how the company is finally paying more attention to the Android user base, too often set aside in favor of iOS, for which the development is far more advanced but whose gap is, fortunately, slowly being filled.

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