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Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp: advantages and disadvantages on Android

Facebook Messenger is Whatsapp they are certainly two of the instant messaging applications most used by Android smartphone owners. Since February 19, 2014, the day when Mark Zuckerberg officially communicated that he had acquired WhatsApp for the beauty of 19 billion dollars, the social network service has assumed a leadership role in instant messaging as well. With this post, we propose a comparison between Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages on Android.

Facebook Messenger

the graphical interface with the latest update that underwent a real restyling. In all fairness, today it is clearer, more linear and above all no longer dominated by the blue color, excessively bulky in the past. Like all instant messaging applications, Facebook Messenger on Android lets you know when your contacts are online. The invitation to send to your friends who are not yet using this service follows the traditional rules. Facebook Messenger offers you the opportunity to chat with your contacts, to add group conversations on the home screen, to share your geographical position, to send voice messages, images and stickers. If you deem it appropriate, with this mobile instant messaging application, you can also make international calls to your contacts who use the service. Of course at no cost.

Among the main advantages of Facebook Messenger on Android there is also the possibility to continue the chat even when using other applications: all this due to the presence of pop-ups, called Chat Heads, which continue to remain open even after the application is closed.

What are the disadvantages of using Facebook Messenger? Few, but to be solved. It is serious that an application of the site in blue does not allow you to do the logout due to the lack of a button ad hoc. To disconnect from the app, you must necessarily do so from the Facebook application. Serious then the bugs which involves many problems in making internet access, in the absence of adequate network coverage. C then who considers lInvitation too invasive and those who don't even read it, I agree that it is the classic spam e-mail. Thats All Folks!


Now let's move on to Whatsapp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world. What are the advantages and disadvantages on Android. The former prevail, without a shadow of a doubt. Moreover, if in April 2014, the owners of mobile devices are exchanging the beauty of 64 billion messages per day, much more than SMS, well something will mean. The setting up of a new account via mobile number takes place through an immediate procedure: it only takes a few seconds and immediately you are in contact with family, friends and colleagues who use the service. Without invitation.

All the functions of WhatsApp, then, do not depend on other services at all, as in the case of Facebook Messenger. After that, the individual chat is group, sharing photos, movies, voice messages, managing the privacy (it is possible to hide the time of the last connection, the profile photo and the status) and the sending of your geographical position make the use of Whatsapp unique.

The disadvantages are identifiable only by those looking for an instant messaging application with more evasive functions, such as those present on Wechat. With Whatsapp, then, it is not possible to have fun with video games, make voice calls, invite contacts for a hangout, send stickers.

Summing up, while not possible to also check from the web Whatsapp, with Facebook Messenger there are no problems on this aspect, but with reference to the connection to the network and the instant exchange of messages, there is no match. WhatsApp clearly superior, also as regards file sharing.

And you as a fan of the green robot which do you prefer, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other solutions?

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