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EU, other investigations on Microsoft

EU, other investigations on Microsoft logomacitynet1200wide 1

While in the US everyone is waiting for the new ruling on the punishment that will be inflicted on Microsoft on Redmond's head, new threatening clouds are coming from Europe.The Antitrust Commission chaired by the Italian Mario Monti in fact announced yesterday that it had expanded the investigation open for a few years now. Now among the elements under consideration there is also the way in which Microsoft has connected Windows Media Player to the operating system. The EU's fear that Microsoft may have used a system that would harm competition, the commission also launched an investigation into the print and network server market. In this case, the suspicion that Microsoft has kept secret some technologies necessary to ensure that even the products of the competition can dialogue with the software branded by the manufacturers of Windows.Microsoft which, as usual, has expressed full confidence that the investigation will be concluded shortly in favor of his business, he claimed to have obtained guarantees from the EU that the launch of XP will not be blocked.

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