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Douglas Photo Calculator: the secrets of professional photography in an app

Photography is a passion that captures many but which at the same time, in order to achieve professional goals, requires special precautions that ordinary cameras, even if equipped with automatic sensors, are unable to carry out, being unable to make up for those calculations that the ability the experience allow you to perform by creating a gap that instead the app that we are going to present fills you in a simple way, even for the less experienced, we are obviously talking about Douglas Photo Calculator.

The application is a real mobile software tool for calculating optical parameters, designed to be functional and simplify its execution by providing, in a single interface, all the items necessary for the creation of quality photos by automating the calculations in the various functional relationships to achieve absolute quality results, suitable for professionals and non-professionals.

Functions and Utilities:

The features offer is limited only to image calculations, not wasting the user's attention from unnecessary accessory features and being essential in his work:

  • Calculation of the hyperfocal distance: optimization of the focus between lens and protagonist subject / object
  • Calculation of the view angle: automatic development of optical equations for any lens with a view angle between 1 and 179 degrees
  • Diffraction calculation: optimization of the objective aperture according to the case to avoid distortions
  • Introductory support mode for features

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The software created by Douglas Software is perfect in practice, with a good setting of the parameters, easily accessible and few occasions of distraction, eliminating any circumstantial discourse that goes beyond the refinement of the photo, sinning on the graphic level which is not very accurate, a very useful aspect for the type of use for which the app is intended, as well as migrated from an iOS-based style, a defect that many other equally qualitative applications have.

The app is divided into a single presentation page where all the calculation tools are quickly accessible, and parameter changes can be performed with well-made pop-up windows for the exact selection of numeric parameters, while the support mode is composed of a detailed list of items to consult for any doubt or eventuality.


Among the strengths of the app, the speed and fluidity of use stand out, key elements for the calculations, not wasting time in opening or generating the required results.

Douglas Photo Calculatorsi offers as a solid element to boast in its app drawer with little impact on the system, despite the importance of calculations performed in the photographic field, acting as a reliable as well as indispensable support tool.


The photographic quality can be the result of professionalism and experience or simple ofDouglas Photo Calculator.

The application available on the Google Play Store at a price of 7.47 euros, a cost that may seem particularly excessive compared to the average but which in reality is also contained compared to the work carried out in terms of calculations and reliability in a sector where almost no other application can guarantee the same professionalism and the same results.

Whether it's a passion, or a real job, the app in question is one of the best support tools, capable of making a difference with photos that remain in the mind, that you can find.

Below is the link to Google Play Storeand to the official reference site, where you can find all the additional information on Douglas Software software:

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