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DataCase turns iPhone and iPod touch into wireless storage devices


Among the many (and often not very interesting) applications of the App Store, we point out one of the most interesting: it is Veisoft's DataCase, an interesting application of only 5.49 euros in cost, which transforms the iPhone and the iPod touch into a wireless storage device.

Once the program is installed, the multitouch device will be identified as a network disk and it will be possible to transfer files from the computer (Mac, Windows or PC) to the device or vice versa.

It will be possible to view many types of files directly stored on the iPhone or iPod: among the formats we can mention Microsoft Office files, PDFs, texts, images, HTML and audio and video files.

No additional applications are needed to use the DataCase features: just a simple drag & drop to manage and move the files, all with maximum security: the permissions relating to the various volumes can be set in complete comfort.

DataCase one of the most useful and interesting programs among those on the App Store; for those interested in the program (5.49 euros well spent), here is the direct link to access the dedicated page on the App Store.