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Cosmic Colony: Gameloft releases a new title in the Play Store

Land on Google Play Cosmic Colony, a new style gameRTS in which we will have to build our space city.

Everyone is waiting for Wild Blood? Gameloft instead it breaks expectations and releases on Google Play Cosmic Colony. The game like any other RTS, where we will have to recover the raw materials, which we will then need for the construction of buildings and houses, which will make citizens' lives more comfortable and peaceful.

Our commitment will be put to the testunexpected events, such as the fall of meteorites and pirate invasions. Will you be able to defend your city?

We will also have the possibility of to exploremysterious places scattered all over the planet,discovering artifacts that will come in handy to advance the game.

Create your colony on a mysterious planet in a fantastic space adventure! 2088: For a decade, brave men and women have explored the galaxy in search of life on other planets. An explorer robot called Floppy was sent to the planet Mochwoi where he detected unusual energy footprints and then mysteriously abandoned his mission. Today, your heroic crew joins Mochwoi to continue Floppy's work. Join Brek Powers and explore this wonderful new world!

Cosmic Colony available on Google Play for free, but with exclusive paid content. We leave you below the download box and a short illustrative trailer.

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