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Collaborative Cote: Apple reaches 3 million iPhones sold

Collaborative Cote: Apple reaches 3 million iPhones sold logomacitynet1200wide 1

Still numbers in the limelight to highlight the iPhone phenomenon, at least according to analysts' estimates. It is the turn of Michael Cote of Collaborative Cote to launch the latest figures on the commercial success of the iPhone: according to the analyst, after only a month of marketing, the Apple mobile phone would have already reached three million units sold.

An eloquent figure that, if confirmed, gives a good idea of ??the size of the success of the device, especially considering the forecasts that estimated the same figure but for the entire fiscal quarter.

Cote attributes success to three main reasons: firstly the price cut for the mobile phone, at least if purchased with a monthly subscription. Second, the release of the iPhone 3G has exploited the nascent and growing enthusiasm for the touch screen. , technology that has never been so popular and that the iPhone itself has helped to revive.Finally, the launch in more countries has made it possible to take better advantage of the hype now created outside the countries where the mobile phone was already marketed.

The only problem that, according to Cote, Apple will have to be able to continue to meet demand even after the next launch in other countries. A problem that probably everyone would like to be forced to face.

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