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Checkpoint Systems' RF / RFID UNO tags for commerce are even smarter

Checkpoint Systems, a provider of RF / RFID solutions for the commerce sector, has presented a new version of the RF / RFID UNO label.

The new label presented as able to mitigate the shielding of the body and reduce the attenuation of the signal. For retailers this translates into EAS protection benefits (Electronic Article Surveillance) at the store exit and, at the same time, the RFID inventory management if combined with specific hardware and software. Clothing retailers have a dual-use technology: a single label, resulting in a further reduction in labor costs and time.

The Impinj M750 chip presented as 40% smaller than previous versions and results, on the Checkpoint side, in an 18% reduction in material consumption. The new Inlays combined with the Impinj M750 chips have a higher reception sensitivity ( -24 dBm) of any other RAIN tag IC, usable with a wide range of materials and operating frequencies.

The "smart tags" to be applied to clothing at the source are useful for various purposes: from traceability, to product authentication, as an anti-shoplifting system.

RFID solutions allow you to improve inventory reliability, reduce inventory, simplify the management of deadlines for fresh products.

For more information, see the Checkpoint Systems website.