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Camera 360: camera, photo editor and cloud service in one …

Photography is taking on an increasingly important role in daily life, thanks also to the memory that binds to each shot and to fashions launched on social networks such as Instagram with selfies "selfies" that push more and more users to seek corrective solutions for images , capable of providing that touch of class and quality for their creations. The application we want to talk about fits into this context, helping, with its instrumental quality and completeness, enthusiasts in making each photo unique and different from the others, we are obviously talking about Room 360.

The application represents a fantastic solution that combines, in a single tool, a camera and a photo editing software allowing users to be able to turn to a single title in which to find ease of use, thanks to the excellent organization, and completeness, with many editing tools and a dedicated store full of implementations.

Functions and Utilities:

The expressed functions are manifold and all rich, in turn, of choice variants:

  • Front and front camera mode for direct shots
  • Camera settings with timer, stabilizer, focus mode
  • Filter panel of your choice with 6 pre-set modes
  • Functionality and effects extension store with over 100 available
  • Effects based on light, scenes, selfies, scenes, colors and many others
  • Integrated profile for data collection and usage preferences
  • Dedicated Cloud Storage, also accessible from the web on the official website
  • Photo editing mode
  • Photo sharing mode
  • Integration with Sony Lens QX10 and QX100

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The software created by PinGuo.Increpresents the perfect fusion between completeness, in the wide range of filters, and optimization of the offer, not creating too many applications between camera and photo editing, all in an app that boasts modern and captivating graphics in which the distribution of the various items and options is well studied, not making the user lose too much in orientation, although to move easily you have to practice it a bit.

The application boasts an introductory mode, more presentation, which will then refer you to the camera shooting screen very similar to the recent versions of Android Stock, with different colors, enriched by two transparent bars, in the lower and upper area, where they are place icons for the various options. In the upper area you will have access to the integrated mode of the Cloud Service, which can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter via account, in addition to the camera setting buttons, the switch with the front and the shutter flash adjustment. In the lower area, the filters applicable for shooting are accessible, with semi-transparent pop-up panels, and the store for further downloading based on tastes and as visible in some graphic samples.


Dear alternative to the system camera app, despite the completeness, in terms of options, the excellent fluidity and the shots do not show blockages or slowdowns typical of this type of application.

Camera 360 contains many different features in a single application, the impact on the system appears normal and even the consumption does not show any particular features, remaining within the norm, a valuable point given the wide possibilities offered by this app, which is also capable of interfacing, replacing the standard camera app, with the Sony Lens QX10 and QX100.


Camera and Photo Editor, as well as Cloud Service, can be enclosed in a single solution whose name Room 360.

The application available on the Google Play Store with free license, a factor of absolute value given the completeness and wealth of content shown, the latter also present, furthermore, free of charge in the integrated store, becoming your best ally if you are used to taking many photos .

Whether you use the camera for hobby or for work, if you are looking for an app to do everything in the photographic field, then this solution is right for you.

Below is the link to Google Play Storeand to the official reference site, where you can find the latest 5.0 release which significantly improves the graphic and functional impact, as well as all the additional information on the software developed by the PinGuo software house. Inc:

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