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Billa, offer on iPhone 5: half the price refunded in vouchers



Do you want an iPhone 5 without spending too much?

Are you thinking of changing smartphones but you can't spend over 700 on an iPhone 5?

Here is an interesting offer from Billa, which allows you to buy iPhone 5 with a 50% discount.

Yes, you read that correctly! Billa allows you to buy iPhone 5 with a 50% discount. But let's see in detail this very interesting promotion.

For those waiting for an offer not to be missed to buy an iPhone 5 here is Billa's: the supermarket chain offers the 16 GB version at 728 euros, refunding half of the purchase vouchers to be spent in Billa stores.

In practice, you immediately pay 728 for an iPhone 5. In exchange, Billa gives you, in addition to your smartphone, 364 to spend on shopping vouchers. Fantastic!

Here are all the details to follow.

The promotion offered by Billa, the Austrian supermarket chain operating in 10 European countries and which in Italy has a dense network of sales points, is original and interesting; iPhone 5 at half price, with a form of reimbursement of expenses in vouchers.

The initiative in force from February 28 to March 12, allows all customers in possession of the Billa loyalty card to buy the new 16 GB iPhone in cash and to immediately have 50% of the value in vouchers that can be used in all Billa stores. Specifically, the Apple mobile phone will be available for a price of 728 euros and together with the product the customer will receive 364 euros of Billa shopping vouchers.

The coupons will be 14 in total divided into denominations of 26 each for a total of 364 euros to be used for family shopping (newspapers, magazines, telephone top-ups, pay TV, drugs, sparkling wines and champagne, spirits and financial contributions are excluded from the promotion collection of collection gifts). The vouchers can be used from March 14th to September 14th 2013 on a minimum purchase of 52 euros.

Most of the Billa supermarkets are located in Northern Italy, in particular Lombardy and Veneto, with a good number also in Piedmont and Emilia; overall in Italy there are still 137 outlets.

So, trying to summarize the whole thing, we get thatfor the purchase of the phone, 364 are received in shopping vouchers, which are valid for six months.

All very simple and immediate. To simplify everything, I can tell you, in a nutshell, that in this way iPhone 5 costs you exactly half.

I don't know if you are a Billa customer, but if so, DO NOT miss this offer! iPhone 5 can be yours at half the market price!

Just a shame that in Parma the only Billa is in the center, very inconvenient for me, therefore, who live at 20km. Do you have any Billa near home? Maybe I will buy the iPhone then I will sell you the coupons that are given to me

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