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Best game of the week Critter Escape!

Run away as long as you are in time! The "Best Android Game of the Week" Critter Escape, a fantastic puzzle game whose purpose is to escape the corridors of the Welk Tower. Beautiful graphically and rewarding gameplay!

Praised widely on the platform iOS, Critter Escape finally reaches also terminals equipped with by operating system Google. As explained above, we will have to command our character, a sort of little monster, in order to make him escape from the guards who control the corridors of a building. All this will be made difficult by fierce opponents, sliding doors, hidden traps and all those cumbersome aspects, typical of puzzle games.

[yframe url = ?http: // v = v7-nf4_W7XQ?]

The graphics really nice to see thanks to the bright colors and an excellent definition. The sound sector is also well done.

To download the app you just have to follow the box below and download via Google Play Store, for free! Have fun … indeed … have a good ESCAPE!

[App] com.kizstudios.critterescape [/ app]

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