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Apple will produce 40-45 million iPhones

Apple will produce 40-45 million iPhones logomacitynet1200wide 1

Minimum 40 million, maximum 45 million iPhones will be built and possibly sold within the next 12 months. This is not another forecast developed by analysts and researchers but of the real production plans that Cupertino would have put in place for the next 12 months, starting approximately from mid-August until August 2009.

The news appeared on BusinessWeek which claims to have learned the iPhone production plans from a source very close to Cupertino and who wishes to remain anonymous. The new figure surpasses any forecast elaborated by analysts up to this point, including the more optimistic one elaborated by Gene Munster who, for the same period of time, estimates the iPhone units made by Cupertino at 26 million.

The anonymous whistleblower who, according to the authoritative weekly of economic information very knowledgeable about Apple, says that Apple has increased its production plans after finding that the initial sales from 11 July onwards have exceeded the house's forecasts. At the launch day, the iPhone production plan consisted of 30 million pieces in 12 months. Now, the deep throat reveals, 150,000 iPhones a day come out of the oriental production lines: multiplying this number for 52 weeks a year and for 5 working days a week you get a total of 39 million pieces a year.

Cupertino's plans to keep iPhone demand high and thus justify the planned high production rates are interesting. IPhone sales are incredibly high in the first days of launch, when the smartphone lands in a new country and technology enthusiasts face files and expectations to be able to purchase the new gadget in preview. Sales then lower and stabilize: to support demand, Apple is planning to market iPhones in most of the countries of the globe, including the explosive markets of Russia, China. Finally diversification: Gene Munster predicts that Apple will present cheaper iPhone models at Macworld in January. According to BusinessWeek and the main market anaists, these factors, combined with the resolution of the reception problems of the current iPhone 3G, will allow Apple to achieve its objectives.

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