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Apple TV, AirPods and iPod Touch: clues to new models from the Target dealer

It's no mystery that Apple is working to expand its product catalog and some employees of Target has provided other clues to that effect. In database of which encompasses i products arriving at the stores of the well-known chain multiple references have been spotted on unannounced Apple devices. More in detail:

  • AirPods X generation
  • Apple TV X generation
  • Apple iPod Touch X generation
  • Apple Watch Series X straps

It is correct to underline that "X generation" and "Series X" are nothing else provisional names, indicative of the possible arrival of unpublished models. However, one cannot still have absolute certainty neither of the validity of the information, nor much less of the prices that are indicated ($ 49 for the straps, $ 179 for the Apple TV, iPod Touch and AirPods both at $ 399) – it could be dealing with simple place card, waiting for the official ones.

All that remains is to link the data that emerged with the previous rumors:

  • New Apple TV: the arrival is plausible and was recently suggested by the clues that emerged in the beta of tvOS 13.4 that allowed to identify a new model that could be equipped with a variant of the SoC A12 or A13 Bionic.
  • New AirPods: in February there were several reports on the arrival of the AirPods Pro Lite, but it is not known yet if it is an unedited version or the third generation of the "" basic "model
  • New iPod Touch: the hypothesis, at present, is the least probable among all those that emerged through the Target database: so far no rumor has referred to it and, more importantly, Apple has shown in recent years not to consider iPod Touch a priority product. Four years have separated the latest update – the seventh-generation iPod Touch launched in the spring of last year – from the previous model. Prospecting a further update on an annual basis is not among the most plausible hypotheses, although it cannot be excluded a priori
  • New straps : it is likely that the launch of new straps for Apple Watch could be the backdrop for the arrival of one or more of the new products – Apple often follows this strategy