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Apple confirms: we will be in London

Apple confirms: we will be in London logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple, therefore, confirms: it will be present with an official stand at the MacExpo in London.The British branch of the Apple company returns for the first time to be represented with all the trappings at a European exhibition that is not AppleExpo in Paris. The last time such a thing had happened was in late 1999 when Apple set up a MacWorld in London. Since then, the strict directives imposed by Cupertino have prevented the organization of events that saw official stands with the Apple.Apple would seem to have revised its positions, diametrically opposed to those of last year when it even tried to convince some exhibitors not to participate, besides that for the pressures coming from the English user base, for the importance that the fair had during the previous year and for the temporal location, in the media close to the Christmas season.The confirmation that Apple will be in London has already aroused interest in numerous third-party manufacturers and British distributors. The presence of large companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Iomega, Macromedia, OKI, Proxim, and Quark has been confirmed.

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