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Apple confirms the layoffs

Apple confirms layoffs logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple confirmed yesterday that it had implemented some layoffs in recent days. Thus the rumors presented by some websites that the staff cuts occurred between the end of last week and the present are made official. Apple did not specify the details of the workforce reduction operation; in particular, he did not know the number of employees ousted by the company or their sector of employment.Cupertino in any case minimized the scope of the event claiming that the total number of employees in any case increased, in particular in the sales sector and in the field of retail stores. Apple is recruiting a large group of store clerks that will open in several US cities and is expected to reach 25 soon. The same websites that reported the layoffs assumed that Apple had cut between 25 and 50 employees. and that they were essentially engaged in telephone support and in the AppleCare sector.

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