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Apple clears Paris

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Apple clears Paris. The news was released with a press release sent today by Cupertino to the major international public relations agencies. A decision made on the basis of events in New York.

"Let's cancel Apple Expo in light of the latest tragic and devastating events," Jobs said. As far as we understand, Apple would have made the difficult decision about the participants' safety concerns. The CEO adds: "We are sorry to disappoint our users and our developers but the first thing we care about is their safety" Apple Expo was to be held from 26 to 30 September of this month in Paris at the exhibition center of Porte De Versailles.

Most developers and third parties had reserved spaces and Jobs had to give the inaugural speech. However, no news has come about the cancellation of the Seybold, an event that will be held in San Francisco almost simultaneously with the period in which Apple Expo was to be held. In the next few hours other services on the subject.

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