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Apple bans the first comic for the App Store

Apple bans the first comic for the App Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has rejected the entry into the App Store of an interesting experiment carried out by the English Infurius Comics: it is the Murderdrome comic, the first to be adapted for viewing on iPhone and touch. The primacy of the first comic for the Apple paperbacks went up in smoke when, a few hours ago, Cupertino judged Murderdrome in violation of the SDK rules. In particular, Apple establishes that content that can be published on the App Store must not offend anyone, based on Apple's reasonable assessment.

Recall that the comic book Murderdrome takes its name from a fantasy sport, very violent, in which there are several cartoons full of blood and violence, even if always represented in a comic key. The types of Infurious Comics communicate directly from their website that will promote the adoption by Apple of a classification system that will allow not to exclude from the App Store comics and other content that in their opinion are not different or more violent than numerous films distributed by Cupertino without problems on the iTunes Store.

In the meantime the author P.J. Holden said in an interview with TechRadar that the application for viewing comics on the complete Apple paperbacks and that Infurious Comics will work on other titles that are more compatible with the standards required by Apple. In a YouTube video, shown below, you can admire the interesting solutions of the system called "Kirby" for viewing the comics on iPhone and touch. The solutions made possible by Kirby have been targeted by other creators of comics and publishing houses: very likely that we will soon see titles appear on the App Store that use Kirby to make comics available on Apple paperbacks.

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