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Apple at other fairs in Europe

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According to MacWorld UK, Apple will participate in all the European exhibitions which were scheduled to take place in October, including IfraExpo scheduled for 15 to 18 October in Geneva and D&AD scheduled for London on 17 and 18 October. Of the two reviews, the first was the most relevant for Apple's 'strategic' market given that it is reserved for DTP and graphics professionals in general. The Apple company will have a reserved room where it will show demonstrations of the functionality of MacOs X and other software and hardware products. The London show will instead have an area set up with iMac. The organizers feared that having Apple canceled the Paris Expo could withdraw from all scheduled events outside the US We remember that the Seybold seminars that will be held in San Francisco starting September 23 will be held regularly. At the moment there is no news on the Mac Show which should be held in London at the end of November and to which Apple should have a significant presence.

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