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Apple Airpods X Generation coming soon: will they be over-ear? And there is also the price

Apple would be in the process of releasing a new pair of wireless headphones, and to do it shortly. In the inventory of the American store Target, as we have told you, in fact several products of the bitten apple have not yet been announced: Apple TV, iPod Touch and a new pair of AirPods, all united by the same suffix: "X generation". And precisely on the mysterious new AirPods we can return to make some considerations, and understand what it could be and when it is legitimate to await its arrival on the market.

As the images shown on Twitter by the youtuber Jon Prosser testify, too "Apple Airpos (X Generation)"should cost $ 399.

And so we come to today, and to the inventory of Target. What exactly do the information we get from the image tell us?

As for first name, it could simply be a placeholder, as often happens in these cases: it is not to be excluded however that in the official branding the "X" does not play an important role.

According to sources from colleagues at AppleInsider within Target, then, when a product appears in the inventory it usually arrives in warehouses within a month, sometimes even within the week itself from the first sighting. And if the name, as mentioned, can easily prove to be a placeholder, normally it is not the same for the price, which should match the final one.

In a subsequent tweet, Prosser later pointed out that they are there three versions of the product in the system, all for $ 399: which therefore leads to exclude differences in hardware terms, and leads to speculate three different colors.

So, shortly, we will know what it is: maybe in an event of combined launch with that of the next iPad and ofCheap iPhone?