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AppBounty: earn money by downloading apps from the App Store and win an iPhone 5


AppBounty: a service to earn money by downloading apps on the App Store and winning an iPhone 5

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I point out today a nice service dedicated to all owners of Apple devices.

Who among you would not want to download games and programs for iPhone, iPad and iPod for free? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to download games and programs that are normally paid completely free of charge?

One way to do this is jailbreak, but illegal. The legal alternative, however, exists and is called AppBounty.

Let's see this service in detail.

AppBounty a service that allows us to access advantageous offers by simply downloading applications on the App Store, or by registering for free with some services.

This interesting service available via online web-appand, as said, there allows you to accumulate a currency called vCredits through the execution of some rather simple and fast missions.

Among the many we have the app download on the App Store, the invitation to our friends on Facebook or Twitter to try AppBounty, to like Facebook and so on. The more actions we complete, the more points and real prizes we will get, in practice without making the least effort.

The service completely free. To access, of course, we must go to the and install the profile that the web-app will request from us.

Once the registration process is complete, we can immediately start accumulating vCredits.

With very few actions, even the simplest ones, you can accumulate virtual credits, which allow you to request prizes like Gift Cards of different denominations for the Amazon Store and for iTunes.

For example, totaling 5500 vCredits we can receive one in prizeiTunes Cardfrom 10, from 15 with 8250 and from 25 with 13750 vCredits. All this, as we said, without making the slightest effort and without paying a single penny.

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<p style=But the functionality of this AppBounty does not end there, in fact there is another surprise.

A contest has been infested that allows a lucky user towin an iPhone 5in absolutely free form.

How do you participate? Simple: just go to this page, install the Profile of the web-app (if not already done) and download and launch one of the proposed applications by registering with a valid e-mail to the notice.

In short, this AppBounty undoubtedly a nice service that allows us to learn about new applications within the App Store and at the same time to earn through a virtual currency, to be spent on a Gift Card for the purchase on the Amazon of iTunes Store.

If you want to download games and programs for free for iPhone, iPod and iPad, I highly recommend you to try this service. It will come in handy!

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