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Android 11, Google launches the first Developer Preview and reveals the "roadmap"

The path of Android 11 officially started. Google released the first Android 11 Developer Preview, and now available for download and testing, if only for developers.

google android 11

Google generally releases the first builds of the new versions of Android in March, but this time the Mountain View giant wanted to get ahead of the times. From a functional point of view, this first Developer Preview guarantees above all improvements for folding smartphones, plus new camera features and new privacy-focused tools. Finally, the first Developer Preview also offers improvements on the support 5G. In addition to releasing the first Developer Preview of the eleventh version of its operating system, Google has also revealed the timeline of launching the next builds, up to the launch of the stable version.

Google also confirmed that the system images and GSI files for the first Android 11 Developer Preview are now available for download for phones Pixel 4, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3 and Pixel 2. The beta test will soon be open to "normal" Android users by invitation.

The second Developer Preview will arrive by March, while in April it will be the turn of the third developer preview. Google will launch in May 2020 the first beta of Android 11, while the launch of the second beta is expected in June. The third beta will arrive by the third quarter of 2020, as will the final build of Android 11.

Speaking of privacy and security, Android 11 introduces a new unique authorization feature that allows users to grant temporary app permissions to access their location, microphone or camera. In addition, another minor but useful feature introduced by Android 11 that apps can now use new APIs to turn off ringtones and vibrations for alarms or notifications while using the phone's camera.

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