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An ATI card with FireWire

An ATI card with FireWire logomacitynet1200wide 1

The adoption of FireWire for the connection of high-speed peripherals could grow exponentially in the coming months in the PC environment. To push IEEE 1394 the decision by ATI to put on the market an acceleration card, the Radeon 8500DV All In Wonder equipped with a connector compatible with the standard invented by Apple.The All In Wonder based on an evolution of the processor of the Radeon series, of which we have already spoken in recent days. To the standard features of a 3D card the ATI add DVI connector, a TV tuner, video output, DVD decoder and, in fact, a FireWire connector. Sold as a post card, All in Wonder has always been a "blockbuster" all over the world . The fact that it can occupy a PCI slot and provide a series of services, including compatibility with FireWire, certainly pushes sales even more and popularizes IEEE 1394, perhaps inducing competition to do the same. The most interesting aspect is that announcement of ATI, which speaks of FireWire as "standard for multimedia connection on PCs", also countersigned by Intel who, surprisingly, declares itself pleased that "ATI creates with the Radeon 8500DV a new way to bring 1394 towards the platform PC. ?We remember that Intel has long opposed FireWire claiming that it was a niche product seeing it in perspective as a competitor for USB 2.

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