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AMD against the Megahertz myth

AMD against the myth of Megahertz logomacitynet1200wide 1

AMD is also among those fighting the megahertz myth pursued with Intel's stubbornness. Yesterday, in fact, the first broadcasts left Sunnyvale at the address of the choice of the world's largest processor manufacturer to inflate the number of Megahertz as much as possible, thus gaining a prominent position on the market. "In the past – said Aaron Seen, an AMD spokesperson – our processors and Intel's had a similar architecture and therefore the fundamental difference was determined by the clock frequency. With the release of Athlon we have taken different paths in architectural terms. Our processors do more work per cycle "AMD, evidently worried by the challenge launched by Intel, therefore makes the proposal to put the clock speed of the processors in the background to offer consumers a different system for measuring performance using a formula that establish its real performance. "We must educate consumers to perceive the difference between clock speed and real performance," said Seen. We remember that in the past MacWorld Expo Apple had reserved a part of Jobs's keynote for the demolition of the Megahertz myth by demonstrating how a processor with faster clock can actually be less efficient than one that has a clock. For example, the Pentium 4 less efficient than 20%, at the same clock, of a Pentium III.The curious aspect of the whole story that was AMD that launched the escalation of the clocks when it first broke the GHz barrier unleashing the psychosis of "faster than yours" among PC users

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