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Airtel offers the fastest 4G LTE speed in India, Jio has the best network coverage: OpenSignal

Internet speed is a factor that plays a crucial role in choosing a network operator, and in times when the telecommunications sector in India is witnessing heated competition, the crown for the much sought after faster internet speed provider.

OpenSignal released its latest "State of Mobile Networks" report which revealed that Airtel provides the fastest 4G Internet speed in India, beating the Reliance Jio archival by a wide margin.

In a test conducted on over 736,571 devices between December 1 (2017) and February 28 (2018) in 18 telecommunications circles, Airtel took home the crown to offer the highest 4G average speed of 9, 31 Mbps, followed from Idea to 7, 27 Mbps and Vodafone providing 6, 98 Mbps of average 4G internet speed.

Interestingly, Reliance Jio came in a quarter far, providing the slowest 4G internet speed among the big four at just 5, 13 Mbps. But 4G is not the only domain in which Airtel emerged as a leader, as the company also in top of the list of telecommunications operators offering the fastest 3G speed in India and the highest cumulative Internet speed in the country, marking a hat-trick of impressive accolades.

Vodafone was crowned the winner when it comes to providing the best 3G and 4G networks with the lowest latency values. The only consolation for Reliance Jio came in terms of 4G network strength, with test devices managing to find a Reliance Jio LTE signal 96.4% of the time during the test period. "This outstanding score, reflecting Jio's commitment to building a 4G-only network with no 3G mobile data services to rely on. Additionally, Jio's impressive LTE range is only improving, albeit incrementally. ", said the OpenSignal report on Jio's rapid growth.

Although Airtel's 4G internet speed has increased, the other three operators have seen the average speed decrease since the last edition of the OpenSignal network report. However, even the fastest LTE speed score in India (Airtel: 9, 3 Mbps) falls well below the global average speed of 4G which stands at 16, 9 Mbps, giving a clear idea of ??how much the operators of Indian telecommunications still have to work to reach the global average, let alone be among the fastest.