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AirPods Gen X and Apple TV Gen X, new products in …

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday 24 February 2020

In the catalogs of Target, an important US electronics chain, new apple products have sprung up: Apple TV Gen X, Apple iPod Touch X Generation and Apple Watch Series X.

References have been found within the warehouse management system of Target, a well-known US electronics chain unpublished Apple products. There is talk of new AirPods, iPod Touch, Apple TV and straps.

AirPods Pro Lite, production start of the low-cost Apple earphones

AirPods Pro Lite, production start of the low-cost Apple earphones

Apple is working on a new generation of cheaper AirPods Pro. It seems to be a kind of AirPod Pro in Lite version.

To go into more detail, here are the new references and prices that are seen in the screenshots:

  • Airpods X Generation: $ 399
  • Apple TV Gen X: $ 179, like the current Apple TV 4K 32 GB
  • Apple iPod Touch X Generation: $ 399, like the current 256 GB iPod touch
  • Apple Watch Series X Straps: $ 50

In reality, the "X" is only a placeholder waiting to know the official brands; and the price could also probably unreliable and based on the assumptions of Target employees.

In other words, no useful information can really be drawn from today's rumors, if not a fundamental one: Apple about to launch new products. And if we had to venture, we would say AirPods Pro Lite and minor things like Apple TV, straps and iPod Touch; for serious things – AirTags type, the new Mac and iPhone 9, we will talk about it next month with the Apple Special Event scheduled for March 31st. Bets are open.

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