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Ages of Empire II in Beta

Ages of Empire II in Beta logomacitynet1200wide 1

It is expected to be released according to Ages of Empire II programs, yesterday WestLake Interactive, which is taking care of porting from the PC world, announced that it had released the first beta of the title. 'From now on we will take care of improving performance – said Marc Adams, one of the managers of WestLake Interactive – and eliminating the bugs.' Ages Of Empire II a sequel to the first lucky episode that had already been converted for Mac. AOE II places the player at the helm of a civilization that will have to lead through the centuries, between battles and diplomatic exchanges, to advance it towards ever more evolved systems passing from the most primitive stages for the Greek and Roman era up to the Middle Ages. released by Destineer Studio, the company founded by the former Apple game evangelist Peter Tamte whose main purpose is the conversion of Microsoft games. A universe that includes very popular titles (such as Links LS 2002 which will follow immediately after AOE) and which will certainly become more numerous after the release of the X-BOX.AOE is expected to hit store shelves in October.

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