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After Paris, what?

After Paris, what? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Paris was canceled but the news that was to debut at the French Expo certainly wasn't. Many therefore ask themselves almost where they will be, where they will debut and who to touch them to. The answer to the first question is the most difficult. Paying attention to Apple, it seems almost certain that in Paris there would be no news in the field of hardware. So probably in Cupertino no one is puzzling over to figure out where to get an adequate stage. The hypothesis remains that Jobs, perhaps without much emphasis, could present a slightly renewed Titanium (specifically with CD-RW, new graphics card and larger discs), but at the moment there are only a few weak indications to support this thesis. It is more likely that the launch of MacOs 10.1 in big style could be scheduled in Paris. Apple could easily remedy the cancellation of the French event by using the San Francisco stage where the Seybold opens on the 23rd. The DTP fair appears adequate to support the launch of a new version of an operating system that is also aimed at the professional sector.If this is so, we would not exclude that instead of Phil Schiller, who was to be the protagonist of one of the keynotes, he goes on Jobs own stage. The CEO was to appear on a satellite screen, presumably from Paris; now that the Expo will no longer be held there is no reason for its appearance to be live.Jobs could reaffirm Apple's digital strategy, present solutions for DTP and DVD creation, demonstrate the speed of MacOs X 10.1 with greater authority and charisma than the director of world marketing is able to do. To know if it will really be enough just wait a few more days.

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