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Activate the command "Ok Google" in Italian without ADB

As we all know about the latest versions of Android can activate i Google Now voice commands thanks to the pronunciation of ?Ok Google", Taken from the Google Glass glasses, and for a few weeks this command has also been available in other languages ??than English, including Italian. Until now it was possible to activate this thanks to the use of ADB, a system not very convenient for the less experienced modding, but thanks to the XDA community now we can have this command in Italian with a simpler procedure.

The procedure to be followed is not complex, just have a device with i root permissions enabled, and have a file manager available to manage them and Google Search on your device, let's see the steps to follow:

  1. start at least once Google Now from your device,
  2. First position yourself in the following path data / data / / app_shared_prefs / StartupSettings.bin,
  3. with the file manager open the file StartupSettings.bin,
  4. look for the line with, OK Google, en-CA, en-US /
  5. modified this command line as, OK Google, it-IT, en-US /,
  6. give the file full permissions by applying a long press, save it and restart the device.

Ok-Google-command "src =" "width =" 520 "height =" 122 "/></p>
<p style=After the procedure you will be able to start Google Now with the command Ok Google in Italian, this procedure was tested by XDA on the main devices equipped with the Android 4.4.2 operating system.

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