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12 best gaming keyboards you can buy in 2018

Buying a gaming keyboard for your PC can be a tedious task with the plethora of options available. You may have a limited budget or have a heavy pocket. Or maybe you're divided between mechanical, membrane or chiclet keyboards. A simple search on Amazon will give you hundreds of results, which will leave your hair in pieces. If you are looking for a new keyboard for your gaming system, we present our list of 12 best gaming keyboards you can buy in 2018:

Best budget keyboards

1. Razer DeathStalker Essential

If you have a limited budget, Razer DeathStalker Essential the perfect choice. Razer a brand well known for its gaming products and the DeathStalker Essential continues to live up to the brand's fame. While it is possible to get cheaper chiclet keyboards, none offer gaming performance like DeathStalker Essential.

The chiclet layout offers a quiet gaming experience, with good key trips. The shapes of the buttons are comfortable and the keyboard also has a palm rest for prolonged hours of play. That said, measuring at 18, 4 x 8, 43 x 1, 08 inches, it requires some desk space. In addition, while being the entry level keyboard of Razer, the device also comes with support for Razer Synapse 2.0, which basically acts as an intelligent way of controlling and modifying the keyboard. In addition, the keyboard also features its Macro function, which allows you to set certain key combinations to perform a set operation. available also a backlight option available for Razer DeathStalker Essential, but this may incur an additional charge of $ 20.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 37.99)

2. Corsair K55 RGB

If chiclet is not your cup of tea, but you have a tight pocket, you might want to take a look at the Corsair K55. With over 20 years of experience in the IT world, Corsair is one of the best companies for PC peripherals. Compared to the Razer DeathStalker Essential, the Corsair K55 a membrane keyboard, which should be much more natural for normal users and beginners.

The keyboard offers a sturdy plastic casing and padded rubber feet to avoid slipping on the desk. Standard feet are also available for angled sensitivity or a flat touch depending on the type of typing. The key trip on the fantastic K55 and the keys themselves feel responsive. Compared to the DeathStalker Essential, the K55 also has a wrist support, with the added advantage of being detachable . So you can use it according to your preferences. Not to forget, the K55 also includes 6 Macro buttons that you can customize to your liking. The Corsair K55 fits comfortably between DeathStalker Essential's Standard and Backlit options, priced at $ 49.99.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 49.99)

The best high-end keyboards

1. Corsair K95 RGB

If your pockets are heavy and you're looking to spend a lot on your gaming rig, the Corsair K95 RGB is a great choice for your gaming keyboard. The Corsair K95 RGB the updated version of the previous Corsair K95 Vengeance. The shorter name apparently comes with one myriad of tweaks below, which makes it one of the best high-end gaming keyboards around.

Corsair K95 RGB offers premium functionality for the price you are paying, with the aviation aluminum base built for last an entire game life . The keyboard with adjustable height and a removable structured palm rest with soft-touch finish. one of the most comfortable keyboards I have used personally. Plus, the keyboard has 18 macro buttons, more than any other keyboard out there. Also, there is a roller volume switch, which I find a nice touch in itself. And how can we forget the biggest feature that was mentioned in the name itself: RGB lighting.

Just like Razer premium offerings, the Corsair K95 RGB has an individual backlight under each key and comes with Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) which allows the user to customize the keyboard lights as desired. If money isn't a concern, the K95 RGB is one of the best gaming keyboards that money can buy.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 174.99)

2. SteelSeries Apex M800

For any player out there, SteelSeries needs no introduction. Despite being a pioneer in the gaming headset industry, SteelSeries offers a wide range of gaming keyboards and SteelSeries Apex M800 their flagship offer which offers the perfect balance between practicality and eccentricity.

The Apex M800 at first glance may seem traditional enough for you, but once you take a closer look, you will discover its pure beauty. Everything about the huge keyboard, from the elongated plastic frame to the oversized key covers to the bar of the ridiculous space, the size of a dollar, slapped in the middle. SteelSeries known for its build quality, and the M800 not shy about showing off its robust and solid chassis .

The keyboard also features RGB backlighting, with QS1 switches originally developed by SteelSeries, a class apart from the usual mechanical keyboards. They offer cleaner and more uniform lighting with thinner and shorter tips. According to SteelSeries, the Apex M800 Tournament is the fastest and most programmable mechanical gaming keyboard in the world, and in my experience with it, it definitely seemed like one.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 193.99)

The best mechanical keyboards

1. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum

Logitech another reliable name in the field of gaming peripherals, and the Logitech G910 is no different, being one of the most durable and reliable keyboards in the lot. Building on the highly successful predecessor G910 Orion Spark, the G910 Orion Spectrum arrives, becoming a version very slimmer but with improvements in the general functionality.

Just like other gaming keyboards, the G910 Orion Spectrum packs an impressive RGB lighting, which users can customize according to their preferences. Orion Spectrum also has a small dock on the back which folds up to accommodate a small smartphone or tablet and the corresponding Arx app available on Android and iOS. Compared to other gaming keyboards, the G910 also offers 9 Macro keys which can be easily programmed using the PC software or the aforementioned Arx app. In addition, the excellent build quality and its lights, cut sections and large designs help to offer the user an exceptional gaming experience.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 141, 95)


If you like mechanical gaming keyboards, surely you must be familiar with Cherry MX Brown mechanical keys. They are the most common and slightly more preferred form of mechanical keys. The ROCCAT Ryos MK FX gaming keyboard is one of the best implementations of mechanical keys Cherry MX Brown and fully justifies its price.

The Ryos MK FX offers a great key trip along with responsive and tactile keys that feel really solid. It also features a macro key line that offers 10 macros when counting the EasyShift (+) key combination. The Ryos MK FX is one of the largest and heaviest gaming keyboards around, offering a robust build quality, which ensures that it can tolerate the maximum anger of the players.

The keyboard also has a headset and a USB passthrough, although it is worth mentioning that the keyboard itself uses 2 USB ports for its operation . While there are other options in the same range that provide almost similar raw specifications, the build quality and responsiveness of the keyboard set it apart from the herd.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 149.99)

The best membrane keyboards

1. Cooler Master Devastator 3 Combo

If mechanical keyboards are too rigid for you, membrane keyboards should work well for you. Membrane keyboards are those that are generally found with a typical office keyboard, although a membrane gaming keyboard is something much more advanced. Compared to mechanical keyboards, membrane structures are quieter and less tactile.

Unlike other RGB Lighting keyboards, Cooler Master Devastator 3 features backlit options, where you can choose between green, yellow, red, blue, purple, turquoise, white and none. Additionally, the Devastator 3 features an internal key design that offers greater tactile satisfaction and improved feedback. Finally, the combo also offers a gaming mouse with CPI up to 2400 and feels great.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 39.99)

2. Expert of Razer Ornata

Now how can we exclude Razer from this list? Razer has something exceptional to offer in every style of play and Ornata Expert is an excellent membrane keyboard offered by the pioneers of the gaming industry. Think of the expert Ornata as one membrane version of the BlackWidow Chrome V2, by which we'll talk about later in this article.

Yes, right. The features are almost the same with the padded palm rest and RGB lighting by key. Although a green backlit option is also available, I would personally spend the $ 30 more simply because I love the Razer Chroma lighting. Or, if you're too heavy for your pockets, you could opt for the special edition of Destiny Chroma for another $ 20 compared to the RGB version. The Ornata expert also has a custom designed keycap that has been made shorter to reduce the time required for recording actions.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 89.99)

The best Chiclet keyboards

1. Logitech K740

If you're using a budget gaming laptop or an Apple computer (I'm already judging you), you must be used to chiclet keyboards. They are by far the quieter keyboards available on the market. While keyboards and gaming goodies don't usually combine very well, some manufacturers have managed to refine it in their offerings. The Logitech K740 an excellent example of the same.

The K740 looks like stylish keyboard a slim profile which, as the name suggests, uses backlit keys to add a touch of light to the desktop and make it easier to write in low light conditions. Thanks to the chiclet design, the keyboard is extremely thin and has a very small footprint. As for comfort, the keyboard also has a palm rest, which feels comfortable enough. Plus, the grand key trip and typing sounds very natural. The K740 one of the sharper gaming chiclet keyboards around, and it is really worth every penny.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 65.99)

2. Razer DeathStalker expert

Again, we have another Razer product among us. No, I'm not a fan, the fact that Razer is really cool. Probably the best chiclet keyboard on the market with a myriad of features under the hood, the unique DeathStalker Expert, designed not only for games, but is also excellent for normal daily use.

The body of the DeathStalker Expert has a beautiful matte black finish and a shiny palm rest with a semi-gloss honeycomb motif . The keys are the main aspect of any keyboard and the key stroke on the DeathStalker Expert seems right. In addition, the keys are low-profile and come with a semi-gloss black finish, and they are all laser etched so they can never rub. It comes with a nice palm rest with a rough finish, and the keyboard also has support for disabling the Windows key (dubbed as the dedicated game mode).

Buy from Amazon: ($ 59.00)

The best visually appealing keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Razer will always be the best company as a whole for every type of gaming need and we could not exclude Razer from this list. That said, the premium features come with a price tag. The BlackWidow Chrome V2 Razer's flagship keyboard, equipped with all the bells and whistles needed to satisfy hardened PC players who want the best.

While the keyboard is large enough, the keys feel a bit compact compared to the Corsair K95, but this could very well adapt to some users if they prefer fewer keys. The Razer BlackWidow very well made, with a shell made of solid plastic which should see you last the keyboard for many years to come. The matte black finish on the minimalist keyboard and on the front of the keyboard there is also an illuminated logo. The BlackWidow also has a palm rest, with a lot of padding outside below it, to allow long hours of gaming sessions. It also features an additional USB expansion port and a 3.5mm jack.

These were all common aspects of the various types of BlackWidow Chroma V2 available. Exactly, there are 3 different types of switches under the available BlackWidows to choose from: Razer Green, Razer Orange and Razer Yellow. These 3 types differ in the way the mechanical keys were built. The Razer Green switches are tactile and snappy, the Razer Orange switches are tactile and silent and, finally, the Razer Yellow switches are linear and silent. Depending on your playing style, you can choose the mechanical structure of your choice.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 169.99)

Best overall keyboard – G.Skill RIPJAWS KM780

You might be thinking about what a memory module company is doing here, right? Not that Corsair is any different, but G.Skill is a company primarily known for its overclocked PC RAM. What you may not be aware of is the fact that the company also produces some excellent gaming peripherals. KM780 their offer of flagship keyboards, which easily grazes its competitors, providing some of the best features and an excellent price.

The RIPJAWS KM780 equipped with a top cover in brushed aluminum which looks classy, ??along with a metal bar wrapped around the edges, giving it an incredibly solid and rigid feel. The left side of the keyboard has six dedicated macro buttons, along with a macro record button. In addition, there are function keys that allow you to disable the Windows button, adjust the brightness of the backlight and a customizable timer function complete with notification on the screen. As for the design part, the functions of the keyboard for key RGB lighting can be customized according to the user's preferences. Also, like the Corsair K95, the KM780 features a sliding volume control, which in my opinion really elegant.

In addition to all these functions, KM780 offers eight replaceable keys which are textured, beveled and red full instead of black to replace the WASD keys and those around them, and there is also a practical case that attaches to the above mentioned metal bar surrounding the keyboard, so you can keep track of them. RIPJAWS equipped with its own software for all customization needs, and full of useful options inside. All in all, the RIPJAWS KM780 was our lottery choice for the best overall keyboard.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 141, 95)

Choose from the best gaming keyboards

Building your own game rig can be a complex task because you have a myriad of options to choose from. A keyboard is probably the most used component of any gaming platform and you want it to be durable and comfortable for those long hours of gaming. Our list of the best keyboards available should help you select the best from each spectrum of the competition.

So there you are. We would love to know your gaming platform and how you customized it in the comments section below.