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YouTube for Android will support Background Audio

According to what has been learned on the web, the well-known application for devices based on Android operating system, YouTube is receiving a new update, signed 5.2.27 which will present some news.

However, the innovations are not many, but at the time the file was teardown APK An unknown feature has been found that could most likely be launched in a short time. The novelty discovered the 'audio background', through which all users will have the opportunity to continue playing the audio stream of the videos even if they turn off the display or open another application. In addition, I want to remind all users that the 'offline saving' of video clips will also begin next month. In fact, all those who listen to music or podcasts are forced to stop playing audio every time in order to reply to messages or surf the internet and consult social networks. However with these new features introduced, there will no longer be such problems. Of course, Android users will have to configure everything with the necessary settings, i.e. to have to continue playing the audio even if theapp active in the background or if the screen has been turned off.

Currently not yet known the date on which the functionality will be releasedAudio background?For all devices. In addition, during the analysis of the code present in YouTube 5.2.27 for devices on the Android platform, other references of the offline mode were revealed. There are strings with references to downloading and deleting videos from internal memory. In addition, I remind users that when the clips are downloaded, they will be made available 48 hours to be able to view them even in offline mode, later they will be automatically deleted from the device.


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